Old Man Winter is Heading Our Way

As the first leaves hit the ground and those fall breezes turn from cool to cold, it’s time to prepare for winter. Whether that means snowstorms and ice or just the heavy chills many experienced in last year’s milder season, experts advise preparing your home for whatever Old Man Winter has in store.

Here are a few popular winterizing tips:

  • Check doors, windows and any exterior opportunities for winter to enter your home. Caulk cracks and replace cracked or broken glass and dried-out or missing weatherstripping and seals.
  • Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect, repair or replace flashing, roof shingles or tiles. If needed, add attic insulation to prevent ice dams along the edge of the roof, which can cause water damage to roofs and ceilings.
  • Inspect, update, or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as fire extinguishers.
  • Prepare landscaping and gardens. Trim dead tree limbs or any branches that are hanging so close to the house or electrical wires that they could cause damage when weighted by ice.
  • Service winter equipment. Is your snowblower ready for action? Do you have snow shovels and ice choppers and adequate bags of sand or ice melt for icy surfaces?
  • Assemble an emergency kit. Include first aid supplies, flashlights, candles, lanterns, extra batteries, nonperishable food, and bottled water.

And don’t forget this is a great time of year for a homeowners coverage review with your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent at American Trust Insurance in Huron, Mellette or Pierre. Should winter storms cause damage to your home, be certain your current protection is adequate.

Article courtesy of Trust Choice.