Saving Dollars Makes Good Cents

Picture this – you’re walking through your preferred clothing store.    You stumble upon a rack of your favorite jeans and there just happens to be a sign that reads, “Buy one pair, get the next pair 25% off!”    You know that the store next door also sells the same brand of jeans.  But, it doesn’t make much sense to buy one pair at this store and another pair at the store next door….especially when you can save 25%!

A very similar scenario plays out everyday in insurance agencies.  A person purchases their auto insurance policy from Insurance Agency ABC and then visits Insurance Agency XYZ to purchase their home, life or health insurance policy.   Did you know that you can potentially save a fair amount of money by having all of your insurance needs fulfilled by one insurance agency?

Not only will you receive a 5%, 10% or even up to a 25% discount on your insurance polices, but with some insurance companies you could also receive added benefits such as –

  • Emergency lock out coverage – Who hasn’t been locked out of either their auto or home?  This coverage pays for a locksmith when it happens.
  • Air bag replacement – Pays for replacing an air bag that deploys accidently.
  • Deductible waiver – Your deductible will be waived in the event of a total fire loss of your home.
  • A single deductible – Pay just one deductible for any claim when both your home and auto are affected by the same event.

It just makes good sense to have all of your insurance policies written with one insurance agency.    You will enjoy a multi-policy discount, one stop shopping and it will allow your agent to spot any potential gaps or unnecessary overlaps in your insurance coverage.

For more information on multi-policy discount, visit with an agent at American Trust Insurance today!