Stormy Start to the Summer

During the past two months, photos and videos of hail, heavy rains and gusty winds have flooded our nightly news casts and posts on Facebook.     To say the least, it’s been a stormy start to the summer!

Greg Mehling, a customer at American Trust Insurance in Huron, is one of the unlucky ones that has been affected by the storms.   On Friday, June 19 he was camping at Oasis Campground near Chamberlain. It was a warm day and Greg says he knew there was a good chance for a thunderstorm that night. Around 11:30pm, campground staff alerted all campers to take shelter in the bath house.   “Shortly thereafter I could hear the strong wind and rain,” says Greg. “It sounded like a hurricane.” About an hour later campers were able to go back to their campsites.

When daylight broke on Saturday morning, Greg was able to asses what sort of damage was done. He found a large tree branch had fallen on the hood of his pick-up along with dents in the back end and roof of the vehicle.   Greg took the correct next step by contacting his agent Betsy Rowen-Clemente.   Betsy gathered essential details from Greg and thanks to technology, Greg was able to text her photos of the truck.   On Monday morning Betsy contacted the insurance company to submit the claim. By Tuesday Greg was contacted by the adjuster that was assigned to his claim and about a week later Greg received a check in the mail from the insurance company for damages to the truck.  Greg says, “I was very pleased with how quick and smooth my claim was handled.”

Betsy says, “As an independent insurance agency, our goal is to provide our customers with personal claims service. I think people appreciate the fact that they don’t have to deal with phone mazes or talk with someone who doesn’t understand the claim.”

Watching hail destroy the shingles on your home or in Greg’s case having a tree branch damage your pick-up can be a stressful experience. Betsy says, “Our team knows that when a claim happens, you want it taken care of in a timely manner and we are here to do just that.”