Winter Preparation Tips

In cold, wet conditions, common dangers include slips and falls as well as vehicle accidents.  Taking these simple precautions can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Preventing slips

  • Areas that may become slick and require extra caution include stairs, ramps, tile floors, parking lots and metal parts of equipment.
  • Have a snow and ice removal plan in place.
  • Place non-skid floor mats and caution signs in slippery, high traffic areas.
  • Use traction devices that strap onto your shoes when icy conditions require some extra traction.
  • Use the right shoes.  Anti-slip soles are essential.  Shoe soles need to have thin cuts, often called siping, that disperse water and grip the ground.

Driving safety 

  • Slips can easily happen when entering or exiting your vehicle, so be cautious. Use a three-point stance when getting in and out of your car.
  • Know the weather conditions you will encounter when taking a trip and plan ahead.
  • Inspect your vehicle for proper tires and other winter driving gear.
  • Assume that roads, bridges and exits are icy and be ready for them.
  • If pulling over due to an emergency, increase your visibility to passing traffic.  Activate your vehicle’s hazard warning lights.